Type 4

Type 4 – The Individualist | The Romantic | The Artist

Expressive, Dramatic, Talented, Withdrawn, Temperamental, Sensitive, 

Core Desire & Deterioration

The desire to be oneself, unique and special. (Deteriorated into self-indulgence.)

Core Fear

The fear of being without identity or personal significance. 

Inadvertent Childhood Message

“It’s not okay to be too happy or functional.”

Missing Message

“You are seen for who you are.”

Core Weakness & Grace

Weakness: Envy – Feeling that something is fundamentally missing from them. Miss seeing what they have. Envy leads them to think others poses qualities they lack.

Grace: Adoration – To be happy, and admire the work God is doing in them and those around them. God adores you, as you are uniquely made.