Type 3

Type 3 – The Achiever | The Motivator| The Communicator

 Efficient, Competent, Focused, Success-Oriented, Driven, Image-Conscious, Productive, Effective, Admirable.   

Core Desire & Deterioration

  The desire to be valued, admired, and respected. (Deteriorates into chasing after success.)

Core Fear

The fear of being worthless or without inherent value. 

Inadvertent Childhood Message

“It’s not okay to have your own feelings and identity.” 

Missing Message

“You are loved for being you.”

Core Weakness & Strength

Weakness: Deceit – deceiving themselves that they are only the image they present to others, and not being who they authentically are, and develop ego instead of nature.

Grace: Authenticity/Honesty – I am fully seen by God, and loved. I cannot earn his love, he loves me as much as he ever could.