Type 1

Type 1 – The Perfectionist |The Reformer | The Activist

Strong sense of right and wrong. Need to perfect themselves, others, and world. High standards, Correct, Moral, Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, Thorough, Accurate, Critical, Responsible, and Diligent.

Key Motivations:

Core Desire & Deterioration

The desire to be good, right, virtuous, integrity.  (Deteriorated to over critical, superior mentality.)

Core Fear

Fear of being bad, wrong, corruptible, evil. 

Inadvertent Childhood Message

“It’s not okay to make mistakes or be wrong!”

Missing Message

“You are good.” 

Core Weakness & Grace

Weakness: Anger|Resentment: frustration, repressed anger, dissatisfied with self and others. 

Grace: Peace, serenity. God loves me as I am, even when I make mistakes. He alone perfects me, and others.