• Ennea-What? Workshop (Insight to the Enneagram: How to Use It)
  • Business Retreat: Communication Techniques Through The Enneagram
  • Enneagram From a Biblical Perspective: Finding You In The Surrender
  • Renewing The Mind
  • Generational Hope and Healing
  • Healing within our Humanity

Women and Parenting

  • Identity: Untangling Lies, and Understanding your Identity in the Lord
  • Parenting Strengths and Growth Points Through The Enneagram
  • The Christ Confident Mom: Learning to let God’s love define you and not the insecurities of Motherhood
  • Mothers: The importance of play communication.
  • Generational Hope and Healing

What You Can Expect

As we plan and execute your event, here is what you can expect from me and my team:

1. Committed to serving you and your community with humility and integrity to the best of my ability.
2. An initial phone consultation prior to your event. 3. Prompt and courteous replies to phone calls and email messages.
4. An announcement about your event on Cecily’s website and/or social media channels (per your permission).
5. A professionally prepared presentation created to meet the unique needs and objectives of your people.
6. Communication with event planners and attendees during the course of the event.
7. A brief, post-event communication for evaluation purposes.