Laugh Momma

Laugh Momma

“Laughter is the best vacation.” – Milton Berle 

I used to be way more fun before I was a Mom…was the thought I had not to long ago. 

Mothering is hard work….it can be exhausting and emotional, yet completely entertaining! 

Let‘s choose to see the humor in the silly moments and boy are there many. 

Too easily I take seriously many little hiccups and so I’ve decided to revert to laughter and just enjoy the crazy of it all, and guess what? 

My children are laughing more too! There are sun beams of laughter and the room is brighter and we like each other better. 

Moms don’t let this season suck out your joy. You serve a BIG God, who saw fit to give you those hearts to mold. Enjoy this gift while it’s here and maybe sometimes when you want to cry, try to laugh. Even if it’s laugh crying ❤️

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