Hosting In Home LIVE

Hosting a LIVE “Ennea-What?” in-home or virtual session is a great way to have your friends or family all discover what the Enneagram is together!

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Get a group together of at least 8 people for your event. This can be all in one house streaming together, or people joining from the comfort of their home jumping into the LIVE event.

2. If you are ‘hosting’ this group fill out the form below so I can reach back out to you with a date we’ve agreed upon and link for your party. As a host you have an opportunity to win 1-2 free one-on-one sessions!!!

3. Kick back in your sweats, grab a cup of tea or glass of wine and get ready to tune in with friends and end with our Q&A session.

Pricing: A typical typing session is one hour and is $60. When you Host a group LIVE everyone can work through the same information at just $15 a person!!! Not only can you take an affordable step toward growth and self-development but you get to have a community continue the journey with you as you support and help one another along the way! Get started below!!!