Meet Cecily

Meet Cecily

Look before I lay out my deepest darkest secrets you should know as a type 7 my happy place is anywhere but well in my feelings. Give me a warm cup of denial, laced with humor and honest friends on a crisp fall night and I’m your girl! You can only fool yourself for so long and God called me time and time again to be honest with both Him and myself. This meant being stripped down exposed and feeling all the layers of pain I longed to run from. This meant surrender. Letting go of all my false sense of control so I could hold onto Jesus. I didn’t have a story to tell, or rather I had a story I didn’t want to tell or admit to. I know what it feels like to want to stay hidden, held back by fear, shame, and guilt. When I became a Mom I wondered if generational chains could be broken, and I could be free! Every moment I ‘messed up’ fear fed the lies that I was only strengthening the grip of generational sins and pain.

Have you ever believed these lies?

 The hardest thing you will ever do is see yourself for who you really are, and invite others in. And guess what? That includeds asking God into those clutter filled, messy rooms of your heart both you and I lock Him and others out of. What rooms do you lock God out of? What I have learned is that healing hurts, but it is also in the struggle that I have met a good Father who loves me, and meets me every step of the way. As we surrender, we die and come alive. This new life doesn’t just transform you, but your home, and relationships too.

Often our identity rests in childhood and years of piled high lies about who others say you are.

This is why I love walking with you as you untangle yourself from lies, and dwell in truth. Not because I do it all well, but because these have been especially hard for me. As I surrender every broken piece, (even the ones covered in glitter rainbow band-aides) in God’s goodness he reveals one more rotten root, all while loving all of me.

Your lies will not go any further with me, and as you enter into truth I want to look around and admire the beauty of your story, and healing.
You can walk in purpose, right where you are. 

I love getting to know individuals, and seeing how God has crafted each one of them for a unique purpose. So please email me to tell me a little about your journey! This fuels my love of teaching, and writing so that others can rest in their identity in Christ and say yes to their story. I’ll encourage you to abide in Jesus and his Word so you may be filled to overflow, with  love, beauty, grace, and truth to pass onto the next generations.

On a family note:

My husband and I have been married for 9 years. We have two  children, and eagerly await for the blessing of more. My heart longs for more, but we have been unable to conceive for over 3 years now, a trial I never anticipated walking through. We are passionate about homeschooling, finances, marriage, traveling,  giving, and any part of our lives we discover is not surrendered to God and his word. God renewed our marriage, on the brink of divorce, 8 years ago. This is just the first of many areas I have watched God renew what was broken. To him be all the glory!
I also run a community called TruthDwellers for women. You are also welcome to visit our TruthDwellers community and have your story featured! .